About Letterheads

Company Letterheads were invented so you don't have to type your details in and draw you logo every time you send a letter.

I cannot believe companies don't have letterheads for email.

Don't complicate things !!
A letterheads simplicity is its strength, it has a top and a bottom and you write stuff in the middle.

Anyone can send a web page in an email with all sorts of flashy contents but will it arrive looking like you sent it?
My guess is NO!

No one is going to allow unsolicited code onto their server.

This is what sets my letterheads apart from the rest..
My letterheads consist of a 2 pictures one for the top and one for the bottom, and you write in the middle. There is no problem sending pictures, everyone sends pictures via email.

For the past 15/20 years I have provided IT and business consultancy services to some of the largest corporations on earth, both in the USA and Europe.

The knowledge and expertise gained over the years puts me in an ideal position to provide you with help and advice through this website.

Mission Statement

If I do work for you,
which includes creating a letterhead with my website,
then you will make or save more money than it costs!

Roy Robinson